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Arati , 25 Apr 2013

professional Q&A about skin picking online

There's a new article out that I think you'll all want to read:
4 Answers
June 12, 2013
A second part of this interview (another Q&A on skin picking) was just published today:
June 14, 2013
Wow! I totally agree with her about sugar. Everything in moderation. Sugar is very bad for you when you are taking more than you need. I wish sugars were as controlled as alcohol in this world. If anything is going to be controlled. Cut down sugar, stress and start living, thinking and doing positive things and for sure your picking is going to cease. Easier said than done, good thing we are all here for each other during the journey. I am happy to see all this support and speaking out. I have been self applying those principles for a few years now and I promise it is true. I still fall, but those are the reasons I fall (sugar, stress, bad eating and sleeping habits and being around negative people) . Once I change back to the positive path, things get better.

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