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DreamPicker , 26 Apr 2013

Scab Picking

Hi. I am brand new to this site. I've been picking scabs since I was a child. I am now almost 37 years old. I'm a writer and I'm currently working on a book about a girl who also picks her scabs. This is my way to deal with what I am doing. I just realized I have no recollection of the first time I opened up a wound. I feel that my picking has gotten worse the older I've gotten. I'm a relatively happy (content) person. Successful, but I do deal with anxiety, and I've experienced a great deal of trauma--I'm also a chronic pain patient. My family knows about my picking--including both my daughters, yet I'm too embarrassed to really bring it up in therapy. I've had sores that I've perpetuated for years--no longer than two, but that seems insane when I actually write it/say it. I have a book called Hygeia that my midwife gave me when I had my daughter at home, and I found it interesting as a writer because of how it looks at medical issues metaphorically. For example, children in homes where there's a lot of fighting tend to have more chronic ear infections than in homes with less fighting. The ear infections are literally making it difficult for the child to hear. I see this with my picking. I am literally picking on myself. I'm curious what other scab pickers have to say about this? And I'm curious about whether or not anyone can remember the first time they picked and describe it. I will admit my interest is two-fold. As a person who wants to quit scab picking and as a writer who is wanting to bring the issue to light via literature.

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