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veruca pepper , 29 Apr 2013

Help with ongoing acne/skin picking

I am 56 and have suffered from awful acne all my life. I have tried every known treatment on the planet and spent a LOT of money on my disgusting skin. I am going through menopause now so have the added joy of melasma marks under my eyes high on my cheekbones. They are so ageing. When my skin finally started to heal and stop erupting all the time I had a face full of pockmarks but learnt to live with them until this melasma came so now I have another problem to deal with. I have had one stubborn pimple under the skin on my chin left side of face and have resisted the urge to pick at it for years, have tried everything to try to dry it up but it is deep seated. Anyway on the weekend I was feeling down and hormonal and decided to have a go at this pimple conveniently forgetting what damage this can do. Well, I put some glycolic acid on a cotton bud to try to dry it up and then lemon juice on top of that! What was I thinking? Clearly rational thought had gone out the window. Anyway for the past three days I have a big ugly festering crater and just to top it all off my lovely big shiny pimple still there defiantly still standing and not having shrunk at all! So I had to go to work today so off I went with my big poxy mess with some makeup on it which made it look worse so I was just dying inside. I have tried the calamine lotion on it for the past three days but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas? I have a 40th birthday to go to on the weekend and need this gone - it just makes my face look that much worse than it already does. Also any ideas on the melasma - I had tried so many prodocts and always use a high SPF sunscreen every day so they dont get any worse. Help - I am so depressed.

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