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potatoes , 29 Apr 2013

Finding treatments for better skin and on a budget

Hello, I go through a frenzy purchasing a load of skin treatments to aid my skin picking problem, at the same time, stuff that will plump out my scars, disappear hyperpigmentation, get rid of spots, heal wounds quick, smooth and even out the texture of my skin. Plus I do countless of online research and finding out more than I ever knew about remedies out there. Here are some tips that won't bust your wallet and will hopefully get you back on track with your ideal skin. If you don't take my word for it, then you can simply google these items and see how popular they have helped others. My current skin situation . . . I have mini scabs, spots, bumps, ice pick scars and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. At the moment I have recently purchased sudocrem to heal my scabs quicker and calm redness from those areas. Sudocrem costs only about £2. It's been something I've always used over the years when I've always picked. I've done some research on lavender oil, and I am extremely excited to go and buy this tomorrow, because apparently it will help the bumps under the skin, clears spots and redness. Also aids in wound healing with no scarring. Once my/your spots or at least small wounds heal up, then I recommend you check out the site Bravura London. They sell bottles of glycolic acid for £10. Before you freak out which I did, it is a safe acid made from sugar cane and works as a fast exfoliate to remove old skin cells whilst promoting skin collagen elasticity under the dermis, this helps plumps up pitted scars and give an overall smooth effect. I use the 50% glycolic acid but remember to neutralise it afterwards which is just baking soda and a water paste patted on to the skin. Anyway, there are instructions involved and recommended to use once weekly. I've delayed using this for the second time because I have started picking again. But if the lavender oil helps, then I can go back on the bandwagon with using the glycolic peel. I would get impatient with the week gap to use my next glycolic peel, so I have also purchased their Night Treatment with 15% glycolic. I will use this every night but leaving a day gap before and after when using the peel. My regime at the moment: Morning: using a soap free, no alcohol and no perfume based gel wash cleanser. Using hyaluronic acid serum (purchased from a site called SR Skincare) which is a gel based form and hyaluronic acid plays an important part on helping retain water in the skin thus helping in wound healing. As moisture helps with quicker healing of wounds. I have recently mixed 3 drops of organic rosehip oil, brought from the Trilogy range, a 45ml bottle for £16. Rather expensive but in the long run can gradually fade hyperpigmentation and help improve collagen in the skin due to its high content of fatty acid and omega oils. Then let it to to sink in. If I wasn't going out for the day, I would apply sudocrem on the spots and wounds throughout until the evening. If I am heading out, then a spf30 is a must. I use Olay Complete. However I find that the gel from the hyaluronic acid can really dry up on my face and when rubbing lotion on my face, the dried gel can easily rub off. Make up makes this seem more obvious at times so I make patting motions. Obviously my main aim is to not wear make up at all but at the moment it's my temporary mask until my skin clears up. I use Loreal mineral foundation powder which gives really good coverage. For extra coverage on blemishes I use Bodyshop 3 in 1 base compact powder. For minor added coverage, I use dermablend makeup. Although I don't really like using it as it feels too thick. A general thought, avoid make up at all cost if you can, it makes spots more prominent and just hides away all the hard work you've put it to have nice skin. Evening: Cleansing wipes to remove make up. Using the same gel wash to cleanse again. Then a simple toner from the same range to remove every last trace of make up. I repeat again with the hyaluronic serum and rosehip oil. Then I use castor oil. This is suppose to help with skin problems somehow. Then I use sudocrem or any other type of antiseptic lotion. I will use lavender oil in conjunction with the sudocrem or perhaps even with the castor oil. This is the regime I will undergo when I have gone through my picking relapse and then hopefully by then my skin has cleared up with a week. Obviously spots will still occur and pigmentation still follows but at the moment I need to fully heal these wounds. My regime when there is no broken skin: Morning: cleanse, and once my Vitamin C serum comes through the post (purchased from SR skin care for only £4), then I will use that as my serum. Then use the blemish reduction cream with kojic acid and arbutin. Also from the same range. The vitamin c is an antioxidant, regenerates skin etc. The blemish cream with the kojic and arbutin works as a skin melain reducer so works well conjunction with using a glycolic treatment. Then use spf. Evening: Cleanse, tone and use my Night treatment with 15% glycolic acid, every night apart forms a day and after from using my weekly peel. I hope this will work for you too, however people with sensitive skin may need to look at other similar alternatives. I was the type to just not bother with products and serums etc but once you know the factors of these key compounds and what it can do for our skin, it may make you want to prevent fucking up your hard days work from picking. And if your not used to these new words yet such as glycolic and kojic etc, neither was I, but if you find out a bit, it can be the answer.

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