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lizzle , 30 Apr 2013

derma rollers

Hi just wondering if anyone has ever used a derma roller before? I've been looking into them and was curious to know if they get rid of scars and red marks? Any help would be appreciated! :)
1 Answer
veruca pepper
May 01, 2013
Hi :) I have used dermal rollers. I have had limited success with them but I have very bad acne scarring. Get the smallest needle .05 I think to start. I started off with one of the bigger ones (can't think offhand the measurement) but it hurt. Anyway, I do a light roll over my skin every now and then and put some night cream on and it does make your skin look a little brighter. The trick is not to use it very often otherwise the skin doesn't get a chance to recover and produce fresh collagen. Depending on your skin condition I would say just give it a gentle roll till it is red and then pop some cream on and see how you go. I usually wait about six weeks between treatments. Using them more often does not mean better results it only traumatises the skin. Hope that helps.

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