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wendyg , 09 Mar 2009

I'm really scared this time !!!

I,m scared... could someone please talk to me...Reapeated from my last reply I have 13 open sores and one that I put a bandage over all night and the area around it is extremely inflamed and a deep whole.What should I do ?Is there anything that works or helps ?My plan is to not look or touch my face starting tomorrow, I had two slips today.I told my daughter about this sight and how I cried and promised her.How long should I do this?Is there hope?I want to let everything heal and stert life again.Big hug to all that are hurting or free!!!
1 Answer
March 09, 2009
Just put Neosporin on them and try to leave them alone until they form another scab to so they don't get infected.

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