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cmarie , 05 May 2013

how long will it take an unpicked sore to heal?

I just started taking n-acetyl cysteine, which is an enzyme that was helpful in a univ of mn study. I am not as driven to pick. How long will i have to be tempted by the sight of my scabs before they heal?
2 Answers
May 06, 2013
Its awsome that you haven't picked your scabs keep it up. It will take a period of time if its a small scabb then only some weeks and if its a bigger scab a few months. It will go away if you wait it out ignore it and don't get tempted. If you do not pick it a scar will not appear on your skin that will last forever. If you do pick your skin you will get a scar that will last forever. Stop taking the n-acetyl cysteine its bad for you. Try wearing gloves everywhere you go when you look at your gloves it will remind you why your wearing and not to pick your skin. Cut all your nails of so short. Wear a rubberband on your wrist and whenever you feel the horrible urge to destroy your skin or scab pull it back and it may hurt but you will eventually stop. You can do it, just try and have patients please I'm begging you not to self harm by picking a few scabs or pimples that nobody looks at. Good luck you can do this. I am stopping right now and so will you, please.
May 06, 2013

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Thank you for the encouragement, although I'm horrified that it's going to take more than a week for it to heal...but I guess knowledge is power. Really I need to think of it as only 2-8 weeks out of my life, because I will NOT be afraid to go to the beach with just scars!

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