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cmarie , 05 May 2013

I love to eat my scabs any helpful tips?

This is so weird to admit this stuff, but anyway... I might as well be specific, I get a lot of pleasure from chewing my scabs between my front teeth. Any one else chew like this and have you found a substitute or solution? Its not chewing anywhere in the mouth thats an issue but just the front teeth. Thanks
4 Answers
May 05, 2013
i do too. the same exact way, very strange (even with this site) that someone else does this as well! I pick, bite and eat my skin on my knuckles too only with my two front upper teeth and the like three or four bottom row teeth that line up with them. The only thing that comes close to this feeling is chewing a fresh stick of gum in the same manner. But I go through packs and packs of gum so quickly it's like i'm smoking cigarettes or something! But still, try gum if you like gum and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but maybe try a chew toy, like for dogs. that texture may be just as soothing to your anxious need to bite as eating your scabs. I wish you well!
January 13, 2014
OMG I do the same thing as well, when I read this i ABOUT FELL OVER AND DIED Because I believe I enjoy the chewing on the front teeth of the scabs way more then I do the actual picking of them! I cant think of anything that could come close to the same texture of a nice chunky crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside of a scab! YUM! GROSS I KNOW, but i cant help myself it is the truth and I would like to stop! I would also like to add a funnt story to my conclusion, One day my son was wanting me to sratch his back and he actual said to me, "Mom if you scratch my back I will let you pick one of my scabs anyone you want!" SO SAD!!! :(

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