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Lily19 , 07 May 2013

Looking for someone to do a 5 day challenge with me

Alright, I'm going to start small. But build, hopefully. Would anyone like to try and not pick at their skin for five days? Here is my plan 1) Put band aids on my fingers all day 2) Wash face after getting home 3) Put a timer on my phone when I'm in the bathroom washing my face. 1 min, that's it. 4) Post on here night how my day went May 7th - Why can't it be the day? Any other suggestions? Good luck to all, and respond if you'd like to join me. It is always so helpful to have a buddy to help out
5 Answers
May 07, 2013
I'll do the 5 day challenge with you. Do you want me too?
May 08, 2013
Hey, check to see my latest post! I hope you guys had a good first day. Make sure to post about them to stay on track - it really helps me out.
May 08, 2013
Today day one was hard. I picked one red bump but thats it. I scratched a little. I did keep feeling my imperfections. Does anyone constantly sometimes touch a scab or pimple but sometimes not pop it?

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