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jd366 , 07 May 2013

Day 6

Well, I'm back and its been six days since my last post but my skin is doing a lot better since then and I have managed to not pick at my face. However, I did pull off a scab that was healing and scratched off a few dried up pimples but that's it. Face is really looking a lot better. I'm hoping to keep staying strong, I still have the urge but I've been trying some new things, one that really has been working for me is staying out of the mirror if possible. I'm taking it one day at time but I am determined to beat this. I will keep you all posted because I want to share this with as many people as I can. As a sufferer for 9 yrs plus, I'm finally ready to get my story out, as I help myself I want to help others. This disorder needs to start getting more awareness, it is a serious problem and there is not enough outlets, its time that changed!
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May 07, 2013
Thats great. I can't even go one day without picking.
May 07, 2013

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I know how hard it is, it took me 9 yr to get to here and I'm still fearful of the future days to come so for now I am taking it one day at a time... Something we could do together! Just last night I was considering picking at my face after washing it but I began to pray and quenched my fist several times and soon after fell asleep, it's going to get better I'm hopeful of that. Don't give the fight, if I can do it so can u!

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