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maggie511 , 09 Mar 2009

picking just about everywhere

I am so desperate. I always tell my self I'll stop but I can't. I even bought derma dr. KP treatment the scrub and lotion. I used it religiously till it was gone. Smooth skin but I kept picking so it didn't help.Okay I pick my face,shoulders,arms,breasts,thighs, and calves. I dont know what to do please tell me what everyone has tried I am more than willing to commit to a challange to stop this compulsion.
2 Answers
March 14, 2009
seriously ne advice besides wearing gloves!! i lock myself in the bathroom 2 pick its very releasing maybe I should seek anorexia treatment since it seems to be also a control issue.
March 16, 2009
This is the first time I have really researched this topic....for the first time I really feel like Im not alone and I'm not some freak. I am beginning to understand I am not alone. I pick incessantly on my face and my breasts and I have just recently been able to quit picking at my shoulders. I really want to learn more and I want to quit...I, like you would do almost anything to change this part of me and truly heal from the inside out. If you find out about anything that works please let me know.

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