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jd366 , 10 May 2013

Lost and Alone

So wow, I couldn't even go longer than a wk. and half before breaking down and getting into my face. I picked at one side of my face, now I have purple looking scabs. I look like that character in Batman, one side of my face looks great, the other looks like I got in a really bad cat fight. In fact, today at work one of my students asked me why my face was black and blue! This is so depressing, especially since it is Mother's Day Weekend, I was so excited, especially since my face had been looking better than it had in a long time... I had started my diet Monday, was seeing progress and then bam I start picking again. I was feeling more stressed yesterday than normal, due to my schedule so I'm not sure if that is why I got into my face but nonetheless; I feel so depressed, don't want to leave the house, whether it is Mother's Day Sunday or not. However, my husband just informed me I don't have a choice, I appreciate his in encouragement and how he still tells me how beautiful I am to him but I don't see myself that way so it really doesn't make me feel any better. What do I do, go this weekend or stay home and ruin my Mothers Day? Is it worth it... for everyone to see the freak that I am. I really thought I was on top of this, that this time was different then all the others. I guess that's were I went wrong, I let my guard down!
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May 10, 2013
I am a 15 year old girl and I have a friend who does not have a mother she would do anything to spend a day with her. You should go. My face looked fine until I picked it and now their are scars and red blemishes on it and I am still going out with my mother on Mothers Day this Sunday. I have to stop picking. I don't want to go to prom looking like this. Or attend my own wedding with scars and picked pimples everywhere including my face.
May 11, 2013

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Thanks for that, you made me wake up and realize I need to enjoy Mother's Day, is it after all only one day a year. And I will be praying for you to overcome this, as I have been doing for myself for sometime now. I not sure if this will ever get better but as for today, your post really touched me, thanks!
May 12, 2013
Hello, I'm sorry to hear this because this reminds me of a part of me. I have an issue too, but with my lips. I am constantly damaging them whenever I get stressed.. I just pick at them. Fortunetaly there are times when I decide to stop, take some time, and let it heal... but what for? Next day it's bleeding again and with scabs so bad not even lipstick will cover them. This is a big issue and a big deal for me because I'm thinking maybe it's why I don't want to have a boyfriend... I won't be able to kiss him.. so it makes me lonely, isolated and depressed. Today, it's a different problem. I'm having my math final tomorrow and I am super worried because I might fail if I don't study enough, instead, I'm here, at home, picking again, not studying and worrying twice (at my exam and my lips) So it's just a vicious cycle I want to end. I am determined to stop but don't think I'm strong enough :(

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