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robyn_rainbow , 11 May 2013

Big graze injury that I can't stop picking..

Hi everyone. I am a sore picker (and I will sometimes make sores to pick them). When I see (or feel) scabs I just have to pick them. It doesn't matter if they're on my face or where they are (though I do *try* to stop picking the face ones but it doesn't usually work very well). A week ago I fell over while running and I have a right angle triangle shaped open sore (graze but quite deep) that is 4cm (1.5inches) by 4cm and 6cm on the skin below my knee. It feels huge and I've picked it twice already. I'm really worried about it becoming seriously infected (I think it is already infected). I just can't stop picking it. It weeps constantly and then when I have to pull the dressing off it (trying to air it out as much as possible) it starts weeping and bleeding again. My question is - could I just leave some sort of dressing on it and cover it up and try to leave it for even two or three days (if I don't get it wet in the shower) so that I can give it a chance to heal. Would it matter if the gauze sticks to the sore and just stays there as part of the scab? I just don't know what to do. I'm so worried - and my husband doesn't understand why I keep picking it - he just keeps saying "don't pick it" (with more colourful language!) which doesn't help. Sorry for rambling, and thanks for your help, Robyn xx

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