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picks9876 , 09 Mar 2009

Favorite Scabs?

I need to see if this is just me, or if anyone else on here feels this way. I have "favorite" kinds of scabs. I know which kind of scab I like to pick best. (Mine being anything small and circular, mostly from acne.) I know which ones pull off the best and I know what cuts will create which kind of scabs. Anyone else like this?
6 Answers
March 09, 2009
I have so many favorite scabs like small, medium but not too large. I have a very large on my back but I try stop picking for a while. I do like this but it's just kind of red bumps on mines. I think it may go away soon until the smooth skins appears.
March 09, 2009
Yes, I like the big, chewy ones, the chewier, the better. Also the more it bleeds the better.
March 10, 2009
I like the scratches, it's kind of a twisted game for me to try and peel it off in one long strip.
March 10, 2009

In reply to by audra

Oh same here. I forgot about those. I just don't like the scab itself that comes off. It's a lot like the scab you get from a burn. I onces sun burnt my ears so badly that they scabed on top. I liked that scab. I remember in fourth grade or so I got in a fairly bad bike accident and my knee was scraped so much that the scabs layered. It's never happened like that since, but I had fun. I also got acne in my ear once and popped it. The scab that formed there was fun to pick at. It kind of did the layering thing also, but it was small.
March 11, 2009
Hey everyone... I have my favorites too... not for scabs though, but pimples! I basically could create my own photographic atlas of pimples... I can look at any pimple and tell you exactly how it will pop if what type of pressure is applied, exactly what kind of puss comes out... and on and on and on! Does that make me really weird? My favorites are the ones that seem really old and waxy!! Of course I never have those ones since there's no way I could leave it long enough to get old! Rosie

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