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JayBee , 17 May 2013

Skin Picking - Dermatillomania

i feel like its getting worse,when i don't pick i don't know what to do with my hands,i feel like i need to pick and when i don't the urge is so strong,i even get needles and pins to get the "stuff" out i convince myself that there's more there and i need to get it out otherwise it wont heal,i think that's when i first started,my mum told me i need to get all the white stuff out otherwise it wont heal properly so ever since i am determined to get every last bit out even if there is none i will convince myself,i cycled to work the other day and it was so hot i had to take my hoody off and it was awful i felt like people was saying "What is that all over her arm?" and "look at that" it was awful,i look at people lovely skin and think i want that,today i have said "just for today,i wont pick" i have a little but its been automatic but also today i have made a doctors appointment to try and get some help.
2 Answers
May 17, 2013
good for you! I hope you get the help you need. I know, its so hard:( I am picking to the point where I am getting horrible headaches and possibly causing myself to have a staph infection (which could poss lead to my brain) and it just seems impossible to stop! good luck with everything:)

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