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Picker44 , 17 May 2013

Hi I am new here, my story

Hi everyone I have been a picker for years, since I was a teenager, I am 33 now. It does not seem to be getting better. I pick everything. Almost anywhere my hands can reach there are scars from picking. I also pop and pick pimples anywhere on my body. There is no way I could ever leave a pimple alone and not pop or pick it if I knew about it. I also pick the skin around my fingernails too. I am so embarrassed by my skin, I don't even have a real acne problem, I will just pop the tiniest whiteheads or barely visible pimple and it will get worse and from there a scab and then a scar. I never wear tank tops or anything that would show my back. I enjoy popping and picking my skin but then after I am thinking why do I do this? I can't control it. I do have mild anxiety and take cymbalta. I am glad there are others out there with the same problems, I feel like I am the only one.
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May 17, 2013
i know exactly how you feel,im only 20 :( i hope im not doing this for years,im destroying my skin i know that but i love picking/popping too much,i also never wear tank tops,i always cover my arms,chest and back,i pick anywhere and everywhere.

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