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Lenrawrable , 24 May 2013

Hello from germany...

.... Hello ! My name is Lena and i'm a skin picker. I have searched for german websites to this disorder but i don't found anything. Sorry for my english! I was at the age of 12 when i started skin picking. At this time i don't know what i actually do.. For me it was normal. Now i'm 17 years old and i'm in a psychological processing. I wanted to introduce myself.. bye ! :-)
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May 24, 2013
Hi, i'm a skin picker too.. i guess. I'm 19, I started skin picking at 15, more or less, but for a long time i thought it was some kind of deformation o self inflicted cuts (which i never had), and since i found out it has a name, and there's a lot of people with the same problem, i've been reading about it, and I think is really great to have a place to express myself with someone who I know will understand. It isn't about the harm, is about the sensation of freedom.. is not optional, is a necessity I feel.. I tried to stop it once, to replace it with another activity, but it only lasted 2 weeks.. Anyways, is good to tske it off my chest.

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