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Agusmlt , 24 May 2013

Telling my story from Argentina

Hi everybody, I've just discovered this page. I started pick.skinning when I was 15, because of acne, and then it bacame vicious, Now i'm 19, and i have my upper arms full of scars and wounds, not to mention my face. I feel is not about the pain, but about getting the anxiety out of my body.. I didn't know that what I have had a special name, I thought it was a variation of self-harm cuts.. It's good to see that I'm not the only one, that there are people out there who understands me. There's hope for us, and even more if we fight togheter and support each others. Last year, I tryed replacing it; each time I felt the necessity of doing it, I ate a Tic Tac. It worked for two weeks, but then I fell back after a fight. Since then I worked it out, I started running, and writting, wich helped me a lot with the problem (is less the noise in my head), and this means that this Thing that we have can be defeated. Cheer up!

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