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sunshinefunk , 25 May 2013

Those blackheads!

I'm so sick of the blackheads, especially on my nose and cheeks. I swear I can almost feel them in my skin and the urge to get them out in unbearable. If I didn't pick at these blackheads, I'm sure I wouldn't have much visible acne, but I just can't stop. I've been picking for at least 20 years now. If I can get them under control on my face, I start to feel them under my back skin. I can't win!
1 Answer
May 29, 2013
I managed to quick picking blackheads on my nose when I noticed that other people seem to have deep pores filled with a dark colour on their nose and I just stopped getting any satisfaction from picking them!!! Now blackheads on my cheeks or forehead is another story.... I, too, find that if my face is clear I'll just move onto my shoulders until a few days later when I can find something on my face again. I can't win either!!! I only seem to be capable of limiting it if I have something to do such as 'I'm going out with friends on Friday and I don't want spots in photos on facebook' and I can limit it but not eradicate it!

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