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kiwipicker , 31 May 2013

From New Zealand - Im not alone!

Hi everyone Its good to know I am not alone... I have tried to stop picking for years and sometimes find my self in front of the mirror for over an hour focusing just on my cheeks and chin. I find that it is oddly calming and can zone out so easily repetitively "grooming"! I know this habit of mine (which I have had since I was 12) is getting worse as I sometimes sneak away at work during times of stress for a session. What is worse I am a nurse so I should know better and I have access to sterile needles which I sometimes use to help me in this compulsion. Thanks for giving me the courage and knowledge (even with medical training) to seek help. Good luck to all and as we say in New Zealand "Kia kaha" (Stay strong)
2 Answers
June 01, 2013
Kia kaha to you too! I, too, have used needles I've washed with soap to help on occasion, but felt sick afterwards and have since stopped. You are definitely not alone and I too particularly focus on my cheeks and chin, but then feel ashamed and ugly afterwards when I can't fully cover it with make up. I find my picking theraputic, but recently I'm beginning to feel the anxiety it causes me afterwards to be very strong (especially since I started living with my partner who doesn't know) and I'm finding that is helping control it somewhat. I am also ashamed to do it at work for fear my coworkers would notice, so I'm hoping that limiting available times and places for privacy in front of a mirror should eliminate my habit. Good luck!
June 07, 2013
I've been picking more and more at work as well. I feel like I try to make it look better, only to find it more red and gross. If I can, I try to stay away from the mirror. If I find myself looking at my skin too long, I make eye contact with myself in the mirror and say my first and last name out loud. For whatever reason, that takes me out of the "trance" and back to life. Maybe you could try it next time you are at work. Good luck!

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