just when i think nobody gets it

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March 14, 2009

I can relate to you too, even thoough that waas something goes wrong in my head and due my picking sessions. I only have two slip-ups last night. I just wanting to let it out first then I will feel better when I'm done picking. Really? your boyfriend still cares about you the way you looks. I think he wanting to know how you really explaining to him about your feelings and I think it's very important to being honest with your boyfriend. I guess your relationship is trying to make it work. Why don't you wear a shawl to cover on your formal dresses to your sienior prom? I always wear a jacket to cover the tank-top cause I'm chilly and didn't want anybody see me like this. You have to talk to someone like you trust with. My three best friends trust me in my own problem and they didn't know that it will be a worse habit I'm having. I didn't tell my family about it yet but I just finished writing a letter last Monday. I hope they will being honest with me for who I am now. My mother caught me a few times while i was growing up. I started picking when I was 9 years old and she would tell me to stop it or I might to get a infections. Lastly, Your not alone in here! we are going to get through this picking-free soon. Hope this helps you out today.