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rochellexx15 , 07 Jun 2013

lifelong addiction

iv been picking ever since i was a baby... i was born with a bunch of health problems due to parents being drug addicts. i had ocd ever since i was that little started with stratching mosquito bites til they blew up red swollen and bled. then scabs from any injury , sunburn peeling , acne when i got older , it wasnt the acne that made me pick it was that and also i love the feeling i feel relaxed and go into a trance. and i always feel like i need to look in mirrors to check what i look like even when my skin is clear i dont trust it i feel inseure still.. few years later came picking at my lips till blood sometimes , skin around my fingers , after i dyed my hair black for 4 years it ruined my hair and i would rip out the dead brittle hairs. moved to my chest and shoulders anywhere i can dig !! anything i see i have to pick it it drives me nuts if i leave it its all i can think about till its gone. worse places are face , lips , fingers , chest , and any scab... help !!
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June 07, 2013
i forgot to add im 21 now so that many years of this sick addiction :(
June 17, 2013
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June 19, 2013
I'm 20 and have picked my cuticles and skin around my nails for as long as I can remember. But when I was 16 I started picking the skin on my upper legs and use needles / tweezers to dig. I used to bite my nails really low until they bled when I was about 9 but I managed to stop that 'habit' that's how I know the skin picking is different, I can't seem to break the routine like I did with my nails. At least now we know that it is a real illness and now I have a name for it I feel more confident that I can beat it and I'm not just the girl with a 'gross' habit. I don't have any real advice yet because I have only just accepted that this is a real problem that I need to deal with but I have read a lot of good information online which you might find useful. Just use your preferred search engine, there are a few youtube videos (mostly vlogs) and some really poor animated info videos. It wasn't a surprise to find out that other issues go hand in hand with Dermatillomania because I had already been diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety, plus OCD tendencies. Basically I was wondering if you have been to a doctor or counselor who may be able to see if you have any 'sister' issues that can be helped? Dermatillomania isn't as well researched as it should be and the only effective treatment is to lessen the other 'conditions' that may be occurring (again this is just my opinion on what I have read). I found that when I stopped taking depression medication my picking increased dramatically and now I'm back on the medication it isn't gone but definitely no way near as urgent as it has been. I'm sorry if anything I have written sounds rude or disrespectful I'm really sleepy but didn't want you to feel like no one would answer you. This is a serious issue and by the looks of it we are definitely not alone. Good luck, hope I wasn't completely useless =)
April 23, 2014
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