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lala , 07 Jun 2013

I am crying on the inside

Today is the first time I have ever put on paper every area of my body that I compulsively and routinely pick, chew, etc at. I wanna cry. I am going to show the list to my therapist on Monday. I cannot say them out loud. I feel a little bit better having put them on paper, but I am so ashamed. I am in AL-Anon since my father is a alcoholic, besides the point, BUT I know the 12 steps and have this week admitted to me and a couple trusted others the first step that I have compulsive skin picking and that my life has become unmanageable.I plan on writing on here often because I now know that I am not alone. Thank goodness!
1 Answer
June 09, 2013
You aren't alone. The shame you feel is normal. I think everyone here has felt it. We are here for you!

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