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clg , 12 Jun 2013

Constant Picker! What Heals them :

Wow, i think i just found heaven! How did i not know about this site!!!?? Hi Guys! It's soooo great to know I'm not the only one out there that constantly picks! I'm a 21 year old female from Australia :) annnnddd I mostly pick my face and back/shoulders. I've come to the conclusion that my acne is all hormone related but my picking is very much stress/anxiety related. I find that it really relaxes me. I know i've been a picker of scabs throughout my whole life. Although i may get acne on my back i don't think my face would be as bad if i didn't try to attack every tiny bump on my face. I had a charity ball to go to a couple of weeks ago and i knew i had to stop picking and also the search for a ball dress really stressed me out. It was a big A-list event so i was really, really stressed!! I wrote on my mirrors with a whiteboard marker to tell myself to not pick.. It worked, but the day after the was horrible! The following week my monthlies were due to arrive and that's when i got a very angry looking cystic pimple right near my nose to top it off i had a wedding to go to that weekend!!!! The wedding was on my partner's little ol' me got stressed as stressed could be because of it. I spent hours a day trying to find a way to cover the blemishes with makeup without looking like a cake face retard for the wedding. Haha. It's so hard seeing his family, i always have blemishes on my face.. His family are a bit 'upper class' and get all antsy and joke that chocolate will give them big zits and everything. :( i have a habbit of picking my partner as well. He lets me do it because he knows it relaxes me..and i stop if he asks me to. Anyway, at the moment my face is at it's very worst. I have never EVER had sores on my face as bad as this. I really need some tips with the treatment/healing of the scabs. I'm using natural aloe vera, warm salt water, honey, asprin for the redness, and Aveeno moisturising lotion with oatmeal for the dryness. Does anyone have any tips they can share with me? also something to replace the need to pick from stress with something else? Thanks. CLG xx
4 Answers
June 12, 2013
Plain, sensitive skin lotion, like cetephil. It keeps your skin slippery and harder to pick at. I have a little bottle in the car because that is when I pick the most. Good luck and welcome to the site!
June 12, 2013

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Woo! A few people say fake nails help them because the can't feel it when the pick. But I think I'm more a visual picker in a way..I like seeing the bad stuff come out! At least this way I won't scratch my skin as much when I do..argh :( x

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