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Imperfect , 12 Jun 2013

New to sight - amazed I'm not alone.

So I've seen a lot of people sort of talking about what happens with them on the forums, so I guess that's what I'll do. First of all I'm amazed there's so many people with the same problem. Between the last sentence and this I reached up to scratch at my head - which is my favorite spot along with my ears. I hate/love picking at scabs and patches of dandruff. I find it very interesting and enjoy examining what I pick off, especially if it is a big patch. I get a high when I examine it from both angles, and occasionally use the flashlight app on my table to shine light through them and examine their inner structure. However, at the same time I can't stand the constant compulsion and have tried for years and years to stop. I know it is unhealthy and can lead to a myriad of health problems, but nothing seems to stop me. My fingers are itching to scratch RIGHT NOW - literally ITCHING. "Just reach up and FEEL that spot - don't scratch it, just feel it!" but then I know I will pick at it. I find the only thing that helps most is to keep constantly busy. I have to have my computer out while I play video games in case a cinema scene comes on and I have nothing to do with my hands, or a book when waiting for a text from a friend. I have no idle time. However, I've managed to learn to type and play games with one hand in order to pick, without actually trying - I didn't even realize it. I suffer from a anxiety disorder that included depression and some bipolar tendencies, so I know this is probably part of the root of the problem. I need to stop. I want to stop. However, I'm a teacher so I don't exactly have extra funds running around for any more medication or to go see a therapist. But I desperately need help. Any tips?
3 Answers
June 19, 2013
You have described EXACTLY how I feel - I have quite picky hair if you like - a bit flaky and enjoy finding little bits to pick. My right ear has been another area I have been picking at for years - I don't hide it much and it drives my wife nuts.....she constantly tells me to stop. I don't think she understands that to me, it feels great. "My fingers are itching to scratch RIGHT NOW - literally ITCHING. "Just reach up and FEEL that spot - don't scratch it, just feel it!" but then I know I will pick at it." That's just so me! I do suffer from stress sometimes - my wife thinks I am quite grumpy....and I can have a short fuse with our children. Crumbs, when you put it all together, maybe I am in need of some help?
Magy Hristova
June 22, 2013
I'm a teenage girl and I pick my face. I did alot of research to help myself understand what's causing all this to happen. Out of all the things I read I think the tip that will help you the most is to figure out what your triggers are begin eliminating them. I know that moment when you're just bored or your hands have nothing to just pick. Get a stress ball, walk around your house. I go around drinking water while holding the bottle with both my hands. And don't give up on yourself, Everyone needs to hear that because it's true you should really believe that tomorrow you won't pick at that favourite spot of yours and one day you really wont. Good Luck
June 25, 2013
Wow! I had no idea I even had a condition with a name attached to it! I genuinely thought I was a freak until I found this forum. I have been picking for over 30yrs, it's getting to the point where I can no longer wear any clothes that expose my legs or arms, maxi dresses and trousers are my only option. I love picking, some scabs have lasted more than a year and just get bigger and bigger joining in with smaller ones surrounding it. My upper right arm looks as though it has been scarred in a circle right the way around. Last year I had to have my gallbladder removed, every doctor I saw asked me about the marks on my skin....what can you say? I feel like picking all the time, it is only when I am really busy and distracted that I don't. I have been single for 10yrs and to be honest couldn't even embark on a relationship as my skin is so badly scarred. Finding other people who suffer the same as me is amazing. I am autistic too so it's a double whammy. My son suffers with tricholotomania so I guess genetics plays a part. Am I stressed? Yes VERY!! I pick pretty much anywhere a scab forms, legs, arms, shoulders, face....anywhere! I literally feel like pulling my skin off my body sometimes. I just appear to be allergic to the feeling of skin! :(

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