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sunshinefunk , 12 Jun 2013

First Picking Memory

Just wondering what your first memory is with picking? I was young, about 10 and watched my mom pick in the mirror. She had this magnifying mirror with a light and would only pick for a few minutes. I had to try it too, and I told her I thought it was fun seeing the gunk come out. She said, "You won't like having pimples as a teenager." But I did because I got to pop them! I also remember one time I was at a department store and I went to pick at a mirror in the middle of the store. My mom grabbed my arm and said, "Don't pick in public!" What are your memories?
3 Answers
June 16, 2013
I was about 4. I used to lie in bed a night, tying my hair in tight tiny knots, the kind you would have to cut out, then I would rip the knot out, taking big strand of hair with it. I did this about 5 times a night. Also, I used to pick at my scabs so much my parents had to tell me, "Stop picking at them, or else you'll get infected." And once in 3rd grade, I was picking at my nails and it hit me. Kids have outgrown this. Why haven't I? And my grandma said "Oh, Papa does that too."
July 06, 2013
I remember the first time I picked, I was about the same age as you and I was at my friend's house swimming. after getting out and drying off, I realized I had a hangnail on one of my fingers. I peeled it off and experienced no pain or bleeding since my fingers were wet and swelled from the pool. The chlorine left the skin around my fingertips dry, causing me to pick at them even more. Ever since that day I have continued to pick the skin around my fingers and thumbs.
July 08, 2013
I remember watching my cousin pick her acne when I was about 10 years old. She used to pick at blackheads every night, and I remember thinking it was disgusting. However, when I started getting some mild acne a few years later, I sort of assumed that you were supposed to pick at it because it would make it better. I also remember my mom telling me that I could pick blackheads to prevent them from becoming pimples. I enjoyed it very much, and of course my acne got worse when I started picking, which made me pick even more. It to me a loong time before I realized that skin picking was actually what was causing my skin to look so bad.

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