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clg , 12 Jun 2013

What to do!?

Hey guys! Quick question.. I have popped a pimple on my face, and made it into a huge crazy sore..trying to get the 'core' out. I was unsuccessful and I stopped myself because I knew I would just make it 10 x worse.. the sore is really painful to the touch so I know he's in there!. I don't want to attack it again but I don't think it will heal (scab etc) without the core gone. I really don't want to pick at it again because I know that it will be really hard to get the core out and ill look like I just massacred myself :( I really feel like I need to burn it or make it sting ya know!? So I can feel like its gone...? Tips? Help? Face transplant? Maybe just a virtual cuddle :( xx
1 Answer
June 14, 2013
How are you doing? If you don't have anything on hand that will draw out stuff (making it poppable!) then maybe you have a bandaid or gauze you can use to cover it over night and during the day if you have privacy or don't mind? What you do is get the skin around it nice and damp (and clean) and dampen the gauze part too, then keep that on over night. It could take a couple nights but it should help make it so you can easily get the stuff out. Then make sure to clean and take care of the resulting wound. Please don't try to "pop" it until it is ready. And, love yourself.

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