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needhelp84 , 18 Jun 2013

Is anyone on accutane and dealing with picking?

Hi guys, I found this site and was really happy, I always thought my picking came from mild OCD or something, it really makes me feel better seeing all of your stories and knowing that I am not alone. I have been picking for 15 years, i am 25 now. Its usally always on my face, popping pores, ripping scabs, pulling hairs out. I have wasted hundreds of hours sitting on the sink obsessing in the mirror. My acne was always moderate in my teens but i still found ways to scar my body. In the last year and a half i have developed hormonal acne, maybe it wouldnt be so bad if i didnt pick, but i do. I can withhold for a couple days and my face will start to heal but eventually i will screw up and start the healing over. I miss out on so much on life because I am embarrased of my skin. It seems like everyone around me has this flawless skin and mine looks like a monster. I can get big under ground cystic acne which i will pick, thats probably the worst. Four months ago I decided to go on accutane and i had a hugge first breakout when it pushes everything out. My skin is looking better now, and i dont have as many breakouts but im still picking my skin. I have also noticed that on accutane my skin is really thin, if i squeeze something or use tweezers it instantly rips the skin and bleeds and takes very long to heal. Just wanted to see if anyone has any expierence with this or any advice. Thank you all and keep being open and strong :)
2 Answers
June 22, 2013
Hi there. I have been on 2 rounds of low dose Accutane. The last round was probably about 10 years ago. It didn't really do wonders, but there was some improvement. As you mentioned, Accutane causes the skin to be extremely fragile and you must try your best NOT to pick. I recall waxing my eyebrows and the skin ripped right off! :( When you are on this medication, treat your skin gently, and let the medication do its thing. Best of luck! :) M
August 03, 2021

Hi there! I have also been picking at my face, fingers, and feet for about 10 years, I'm 21 now. I've just started Accutane and I just had a picking session tonight for the first time. I really scared I about scarring. Did you eventually heal after picking?

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