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Magy Hristova , 22 Jun 2013

Can anyone give me any extra advice?

Hey guys, For a few months now I've been aware that my skin picking isn't just me picking at zits like any other teen. I'm 16. I began picking my face at about 12. That's when I got more pimple. Now I rarely get zits, but I pick at the tinniest thing. I've read so much information on all this that I've realized many things in my life triggered my problem. The good news is that I'm over most of them. I've been trying to stop really hard especially in the last few months. It's working more or less, though, I was never the worst case. I pick my face and the backs of my arms. My arms have scars from some very bad picking from the time when I had a "thing" with this older guy, I think that pressured e subconsciously even though I had no real problems. Anyway today I relapsed a bit. I can never just stop picking completely. I can only not pick that bad. Like be very gentle and I have no scabs, but I always end up overdoing it in a week or so and sometimes in my rage (that I picked) I mess up all the progress my skin has made.Any advice on how to completely stop even for a single day. If I can do it for a day, I can make it through 2 and so on. One more thing : I have atopic dermatitis and it's currently fading from my lips so I can't really use many products. the best I can do is this really nice moisturizer.
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June 23, 2013
" I can never just stop picking completely. I can only not pick that bad." That's how I feel! Sometimes I try to just make it through the hour, not the whole day. It's bad when I'm at the computer and my hands just start scanning my body for any imperfections. It's almost like a trance. Good luck! We are all in the same boat!
Magy Hristova
June 23, 2013

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Thanks for the support. Today I'm sick, was away from home all day and have 4 project due tomorrow cause my teachers are crazy and think we're all superman and can study for finals and at the same time do projects. Anyway I went for my arms pretty bad and I have a open wound on my cheek. I have one small wound and some redness and now it's all I think about. I realised that I really need someone to talk to about it. My sister doesn't get it, but tries to be nice. My mom just laughs and says it will all go away. She doesn't get that I'm not talking about the zits, but the ceasless picking
June 25, 2013

In reply to by Magy Hristova

Same here, I sit at my computer at work and don't even realize I'm messing with every tiny bump or flake of dry skin on my face, neck, arms or chest. I've tried fake nails which help the picking but when they fall off I pick at the scaly nail-bed they leave. Then I cut them all down, and still find myself picking. I do think parents take this condition too lightly. My mom eventually took me as a young kid to the doctor because I'd picked my thumbs raw and purple. He gave me a lotion that never really did much. I just have to focus on making my fingers do other things. I read somewhere to wrap tape or band-aids around the worst fingers, both so it reduces picking at that one so it can heal, and it also gives you something to pick at so you realize you're doing it, without causing harm. You're not alone though, definitely. I think a lot of people self-harm even in tiny ways without even realizing it. Considering the causes could help take the compulsion away.

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