I have a face picking problem

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March 30, 2009

i think its natural to be pretty shy about it. i mean when you go for so long without talking about it or trying to hide it, it can be a little harder to open up when you finally have the opportunity. i'm hoping that talking to people with the same problem as me will help me out too. i think this is a geat site. you can see other people's stories and people will listen to yours without making any judgements, only giving support. good luck with your situation. youre not alone here :]

April 12, 2009

Im 19 and do the same thing. Im trying to get to the point where I can talk to people face to face about it. Its hard though. Sometimes I think what makes it harder is the fact that our peers can be immature about it. I want to talk to my friends, but Im worried their knee-jerk reaction will be "eww gross you are weird". and you cant do much with that