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mirandab , 24 Jun 2013

Fastest healing remedies?

I picked at my arm pretty badly last night and am now covered in red marks / scabs. I'm currently on minocycline (a bacterial killing antibiotic) and have been prescribed fucidic acid ointment to help treat my condition but I was just wondering what remedies do others use after a picking episode that you desperately want to heal and fast? Does anyone know of any good over the counter products or home remedies? All and any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
2 Answers
June 24, 2013
I rely heavily upon the ointment, Neosporin. It helps prevent infection and really seems to speed up the healing process. You can find it in just about any drugstore or discount retailer. Take care. M
July 06, 2013

In reply to by MysteriousSunshine

Don't use Neosporin. I work in a dermatology office and neosporin has a known allergen called neomycin in it, and the deeper the wound, the higher the chance for a reaction and slower healing times. Warm soapy water and Vaseline or Polysporin are the best for ointments. But to the original poster: I have recently found a new-ish product that I swear by for healing and to help with my habit. It's called Scarguard and is amazing! I pick at my spots until they become a keloid scar (thick raised scar). This stuff has ingredients that shrink the keloid. Also, it helped me leave the spots alone. I pick without realizing I'm doing it. This stuff creates a clear film over the spot and would make me realize what I was doing and made me stop, helping it heal again, faster! I am currently using scarguard on a spot on my face and my physicians are amazed with this product.

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