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healingmyself2697 , 25 Jun 2013


I am a 15 year old girl with BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) I am suffering primarily due to the total and constant obsession with my facial skin. I always feel my face to see if there is the slightest bump ( And no, accept for maybe 2 or 3 pimples in my lifetime..i do NOT have acne) I purposley look for imperfections and pick them to no end. At least it seems that way. Than scabs form but i can not keep myself from picking at those too :( I have tried various home remedies to heal them but nothing does it fast enough. I have developed this problem over the past two years... Does anyone have any remedies or products to help heal picked facial skin? Also any methods to prevent the picking in the first place? (I curently have a small mark on my chin, two large marks on my cheeks, and one on m y forehead... i am afraid i will do more damage ... PLEASE HELP ME!)
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June 26, 2013
I'm 31, but I remember being 15! Your post runs true for me too. I use cetaphil (sensitive skin lotion) for my face all the time. Whenever I feel the urge to pick, I put it on and it makes it much harder to do so. I also think it helps to just heal it. Also, when looking in a mirror and you get into that "trance" of picking, make eye contact with yourself and say your first and last name out loud. If I do that, I can break the trance every time. I'm not cured by any means, but it's a start. Good luck out there and you found the right place to be!
June 27, 2013

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Thank you so much! I will totally get cetaphil lotion tomorrow... Right now i am using NEWSKIN liquid bandage to help heal and stop myself from the urges to pick..I can totally relate to the whole "trance" thing....I don't even think about it when i do it..I will try your advice :)
July 02, 2013

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I can totally relate. My mom died when I was 14. After that, I spent A TON of time in the bathroom with my face pressed up against the mirror searching for any slight imperfection (mismanaging my anxiety/stress/sadness/confusion/grief) to extract and turn into a bigger problem. I'm much older now and still struggle to not pick when stressed. The sooner you can get a handle on this, the better. Trust me. I wish I found a site like this when I was 15. Here's a product I love for fast healing that's really helped me. Go to Safeway or a major drug store and buy a few boxes of Hydrocolloid adhesive bandages (aka blister bandaids). Cut each one into into 6 or 8 pieces and stick them on any red/irritated spots or scabs. They act like a layer of skin so they keep out potential irritants, keep in healing moisture—and the best part—keep you from consciously or unconsciously picking. Apply them to clean, dry skin ASAP and leave them on for a few days. When you take them off, you will be amazed by how much better your skin looks. (No, I'm not a product rep! I just found this site and discovered so many threads like this so I'm offering the same advice.) Good luck!
June 28, 2013
I'm 20, and I've done the same thing for years. At lot of the time I get in a trance like state and don't realize I've been sitting on my counter picking at face face mercilessly for tow hours before its too late. I don't have acne either, I've maybe had one white head in my life, but I will pick at even the smallest imperfection! These are the things I do that have helped: Don't try to fight this alone! Have a support group. Tell people that love you so they can watch you and help you stop, especially when you don't realize you're doing it. Don't be alone as much as possible. Write down every time you pick and what you were thinking. It'll show you triggers and times you're more likely to pick, like for me it's in the evening. Keep your fingernails as short as you can! I mean, don't hurt yourself, but if you've just got little numbs it makes it much harder to pick. Wash your hands and face often, and even if you don't have acne, just tiny blemishes, you can use an acne wash that prevents acne so even those little ones will go away. Stick sticky notes on your mirror telling yourself not to pick! Find alternative to picking like picking a rubber and on your wrist or playing with a slinky or knitting or anything else to keep your hands busy! If all else fails, Take the lightbulbs out of your bathroom and get rid of any other mirrors, and wear mittens like you've got the chicken pox! You're probably not going to be able to stop cold turkey, but slowly with help and support you can do better and better!

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