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amandas , 03 Jul 2013

Will there ever be a perminante cure!?

I am a 22 year old female. I've been picking since I was a kid. Back then it was scabs (even if I saw a scab on another person I wanted to pick it). Now its started by acne, bumps that I feel are not suppose to be there, and scabs. I pick at my face, shoulders, arms, back, scratch at my scalp even though it doesn't itch, and I bite at the skin on my thumbs. I always knew this had to be caused by neurosis and/or anxiety, but never knew the actual name till I came across this site today. I don't realize I'm picking until a while later. It's very embarrassing when someone points it out. I don't like wearing short sleeves unless I try to cover these craters up with makeup. On my arms I have scars from the past ones that have healed. Luckily my face doesn't scar. The thing is I know they will heal eventually if I stop picking, but the temptation is hard to resist when I brush my hand against the rough scab or raised bump. I've managed to heal the past ones by using a baking soda/water spot treatment. I let it dry and then wash it off. It leaves the scab soft and then heals faster, but I normally have to wear long sleeves to help this process along. I also noticed taking a lot of B vitamins have eased the urge to pick. Also physically dominating activities distract me from my urge. Do any of you know of something I can do or take to stop this completely though? I'm so tired of this almost subconscious act! Who out there has successfully quit and has the answer!?

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