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sunbrun , 08 Jul 2013

Curently a heel picker, but... month or so back, I had like a blister on my heels, because of my shoes or whatever... when this popped, there was sort of a hole, with dead skin around it, so I peeled it. I peeled a lot of skin off, and then chewed on it. When I was younger, I remembered once, I had a faze when I used a nail cutter to cut of pieces of my skin on my heels, and then chew on them. I don't remember how this stopped... but it was quite intense. I remember going to school and thinking of it,and not being able to wait until I get home to cut skin off. I remember even thinking about the sound it makes. But it stopped, and for a while, I didn't do it and my skin healed. But when this thing with the blister happened, I started using a nail cutter again. Every day I cut pieces of my skin off from my heel now. When the skin gets harder to peel of using my fingers, I use a nail cutter. Even though it hurts, when I peel of a long, thick piece of my skin, I feel sort of...acomplished. I then put the pieces of my skin in my mouth and chew them to little bits. That's not all. Other than my heels, I also proceeded to cut pieces of skin from under my toe, and well...well all the parts of my feet where it doesn't hurt to cut skin off. But this is just the most recent. I've always had the urge to pick scabs from my scalp and eat them. Whenever there's a scab on my body I pick it and eat it, even if it hurts. And I feel the same sense of acomplishment. Also, whenever I clean my nails, I would eat that. I tend to sometimes eat dried mascara of my eyes, and I think, whenever there's something dried on my body, that feels sort of out of place. Also, when my toenails grow long, I would bite them off, and I like the skin in the corner of my toenails, which I mostly bite off or pick out. Other than my current phase with my heels, I don't normally tend to make scabs on purpose, so I can pick at them, but I do tend to pick at my scalp a lot, to look for scabs. I don't really know if it's because of some anxiety... most recently, I think I only pick at my heels when I'm bored... just like the scab picking... and all of this has been going on for a while. I'm certain that once my skin on my heels softens that I'll stop that...but whenever there's dried skin, or a scab or something that's not normally there, I'll pick at it and eat it... So, even though my heels look pretty bad now, and I am going through a rough phase right now, with the heel picking, I don't feel like I have a problem because it's not normally like this, and since it's not a result of any other disorder (I don't know, OCD, depression) it Dermatillomania or could it be something else?

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