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ra1nb0wb00tay , 27 Mar 2009

you guys gave me courage

Hi everyone. I just found this site yesterday. I now dont feel alone. I knew that some people picked..but i didnt know that others ate their scabs, boogers, etc. i have never told anyone about me eating the scabs and boogers..or that i pick my nose. people know that i pick..but thats the extent of what they know. i mean...its not something that you can be proud of..its like a taboo thing. but after i found this site, i had the courage to tell my therapist..i wouldn't have had the courage if i had never found this site and read what you courageous people wrote. so i thank you all. i haven't cut or burned myself in 2 years..which im proud of..but now i know that i still havent been "mutilation sober" as i call it..since i am constantly picking at myself. this bothers now that i told my therapist about the secret that NO ONE else knew about..she told me im going to have to start cognitive behavioral therapy. *sigh* its frustrating. but thank you all for being who you are.

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