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sajmai , 09 Jul 2013

My Secrets..... I need someone out there to talk to! Please read and give me your advice.

I have back acne. I've been raped. I pick at my skin everyday. I have daddy issues. I am very insecure. I have no friends. I constantly feel alone & ugly.... I've considered suicide. I am crying right now. I would like to make friends but I'm to insecure. I want a boyfriend but have never felt comfortable in my own skin to be with one long term. I try to talk to my family but they never understand. They constantly assume I have an attitude instead of understanding that I am depressed. I want to confess my feelings to my dad, but he's so mean AMD intimidating. I'm lost. Could anyone offer words of wisdom and how they have gotten through this hardship. Please help me. Jasmine
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July 09, 2013
Please, please find someone to help you. A family doctor might be able to help with the depression issues. I'm not into taking meds, but I have been on prozac and have found relief with my depression (post partum). I don't know if it has helped at all with the picking, but that is a constant struggle :)

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