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Lily19 , 10 Jul 2013

Can I go a day without it?

I want to wash my face at night and feel good. I feel so held back by my picking. I hide in it. And almost depend on it. This is a horrible feeling and I want and need to turn the negativity to positivity. I'm giving myself a 24 hour challenge, inspired by a post I just read. I'm going to check in at noon and right before I was my face. Just a few notes down in my notebook about how I'm feeling. Here goes 24 hours. I pray I can make it.
3 Answers
July 13, 2013
So you are going to challenge yourself to not pick at your lips for a whole 24-hours? Man I would try but it sounds hard. I want to request a challenge. I would like for everyone who picks at their skin to try and not to do it for a whole week. Post your progress online and tell everyone how you are doing. If you accept this challenge copy the following and fill in your info then post: 1. Name- 2. I _______ accept this challenge requested by Dezarae13. >NOW POST!
July 13, 2013
I just succeeded in my 24-hour challenge and if I can do it, you can too. I have been setting alarms every time I go to the toilet (20 min for shower for example) and avoiding looking at the areas where I pick. Now I want to do a 48-hour challenge :) Good luck!
July 14, 2013
Hi I am new to the forum and need support to stop picking my body. I would like to do a challenge for 24 hrs.

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