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sunshinefunk , 11 Jul 2013

Amazed at what a week can do!

I've been a skin picker for years, even decades, and was talking to my husband about it. I said, "I just want to kick the habit for good." He said, "Just stay out of the bathroom!" That has been my new goal. The bathroom is where I pick the most, getting very close to the mirror and studying every pore. We went camping for a few days with no mirror, and I've been staying away from mirrors almost completely. I still allow myself to pick, but given limited access to a mirror, I really don't want to. It's been a week now, and my skin is WAY better. It was a change in mindset. When I go into the bathroom to pee, I don't turn the light on. Good luck!
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July 11, 2013
Ohh, THANK YOU for planting this idea in my head. I am always standing in the bathroom with super bright lights trying soo hard not to pick, but always ending up picking anyways. So why go into the bathroom in the first place? I very rarely pick when on vacation or when staying elsewhere than my in own house, simply because I do not have the same mirrors and the same lightening, so I can't find anything to pick (or at least not every single clogged pore). So, I have now banned myself from going into the bathroom for the rest of the summer, and that really isn't a problem as we have two bathrooms. The one I now have to use has so bad lights though, so it's impossible to see much in there. Hoping a summer without having to see every pore every single day will change my mindset as well!

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