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abbylynn9808 , 17 Jul 2013

Getting worse

I've been picking since I started high school. I've always had anxiety problems and I've been using this as another outlet. I notice it come in flares. This summer has been really bad because I don't have much to do other than sit in front of my mirror and pick for hours on end. It used to just be my face but now I've moved to my chest and legs too. I have severe stomach problems so I just tell my parents I'm having tummy issues if they ask why I'm in the bathroom. I really need help and I've told a couple of my close friends. But they don't seem to understand. I really want to stop picking...everywhere. I was wondering if you guys have any tips to help me stop or any anonymous support groups for help too.
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July 18, 2013
Hi there! I would highly recommend that you go to the doctor. Let him/her know about your picking and how it's affecting your life. They may be able to counsel you or recommend a counsellor. Good luck!

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