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shazza07 , 17 Jul 2013

Ive found a way to stop picking my skin :-)))

This mighten work for everyone especially boys but I had to let you all know. I have been picking my skin for as long as I can remember, i am now in my late 30s. I also bite my nails (obviously have some anxiety issues). Anyway a few years ago I started getting gel nails done every 3 weeks & haven't picked my skin since :-)) I know that can be expensive but if you have this problem you know how it can affect your life so I think its worth every penny. So now not only have I lovely nails I'm finally happy with my skin. It's not as easy to pick your skin with gel nails & strangely enough I don't even feel the need or want to do it. I've recently been quite sick & had 2 weeks in hospital as I'm still not well enough to get my nails done I cant believe it but I've started picking my skin again!! This has just proved to me that's its gel nails that have stopped this horrible habit/problem or whatever u want to call it. I know its not great for your actual nails but i can live with that. Hope this helps someone..
1 Answer
July 18, 2013
Hi there! It's interesting that you mentioned getting gel nails. I recall another poster saying the same thing. That is one thing that I have not tried - but may consider it! Thanks for sharing!

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