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Ashole-leigh , 25 Jul 2013

My dog thinks im hideous

hello... so we dont judge here i hope??? i jus so happen to stumble across this website after a 26 hour picking session (potty and snack breaks inbetween) trying to find a remedy for the sores ive made and I cant believe there are other ppl who do this. i dont do drugs believe it or not. but yes i spent a day and an hour glued infront of a mirror with a needle and a pair of tweezers digging and now my face is purple and swollen. I am absolutely unrecognizable from what i looked like a couple days ago. I am powerless over this, even as i am doin it i tell myself, ok ill jus pop one more and that will be it, but then that pimple isnt good enough so ill start to dig until i pull the root out...It doesnt matter how many times i try to stop, every time i walk by a mirror or see/feel a bump on my skin anywhere i must squeeze,scratch, push or prode until something comes out. normally every blemish has a hair in it, if i pluck the hair, then squeeze extra hard one last time the final small white ball of shit comes out meaning i got all of it...omg. Typing this I feel like such a freak but I hope that someone else knows what i mean. I pray u arent wasting a whole day fucking up your face couped up in ur room perched in an awkward pose with a hand-held mirror like some sort of crack head.... I wish i could post a picture with my eyes blurred out on here so everyone could see how ridiculous I am... Jus so damn fed up and ashamed with myself!
3 Answers
July 25, 2013
I'm not judging you! I have had muscle cramps from contorting my body into weird positions in front of the mirror. My kids play with play doh and I use that to make little balls until my hands are too tired to pick (much). Seems to be working so far. Good luck to you
August 01, 2013
This sounds just like me. I completely understand. It sucks but I haven't stopped yet.

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