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skinimproving , 25 Jul 2013

Calamine really does work!!!

I read a thread of posts yesterday which described how well a routine of calamine lotion and witch hazel was helping repair damaged skin for some people. I got excited for a minute, then decided it was too good to be true. Later in the day, I bought some calamine lotion (Kroger brand) anyway and figured it couldn't hurt to try it- the stuff is really cheap. So... last night I slathered a layer of it on both arms, let it dry and went to bed. When I washed it off this morning, I was amazed! No, my skin is not perfect today, but I could not believe how much better it looked after only one treatment. I have picked at my upper arms for 8 years (started doing it during post-partum depression and couldn't stop) and they look embarrassing to say the least. Tons of scabs, open sores, scratch marks, etc. Even my own children ask me all the time... mommy, why do you have so many boo boos? When I have a moment of complete insanity and leave the house in short sleeves, people always ask me... what happened to your arms? Anyway, I am cautiously hopeful that I may have finally found a solution. Maybe if all the scabs heal, I'll be less tempted to continue picking? Thank you so much to the person who originally posted about this remedy! Just writing this has made me teary-eyed at the thought of a possible cure. I have never posted on here before and created an account just so I could share the amazing results I had with others.
1 Answer
July 25, 2013
i created my account today too... i came across this site as well. I just posted something right before you on here. I am going to try the calamine lotion now.... i have a layer of vitamine E infused petroleum jelly on my face, arms and chest...

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