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gothgirl97 , 26 Jul 2013

Umm, I just now stumbled across this website and...

I seriously had no idea skin picking was a real disorder! I've been doing it for years (I'm 16 now) and had never considered it a disease or disorder, although my mom has told me that she thinks its weird that I like to pick my own skin. I read a bit of information on here that says that some people do it just because they're depressed or stressed out; well I've never considered myself to be either of those things, I just mostly do it cause I like it or just plainly out of boredom. Is that normal? I mean, my mom has joked around before saying that I'm OCD because I'm a neat freak sometimes, but I've never actually been diagnosed as that and I've never even thought that OCD can lead to skin picking....hmm....well, I'm not saying that I'm on this website because I want to get "cured", cause I mean, skin picking doesn't take control of my life or anything to that extreme, but I just wanted to say that I think it's kinda cool to know now that I'm not the only who does this. lol I don't feel so weird now
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July 26, 2013
Gothgirl, I can totally relate! The first time I really remember picking was when I was in high school and my acne started to get bad. I get it on my shoulders and back and I was so embarrassed by that, I'd pick at them and get scratches all over my arms. People noticed and I always made excuses. I'm 31 now and I still struggle with these behaviors: when I'm bored, watching TV, or sitting at the computer. I really hope it doesn't become any worse for you; I would like to let you know that it does harm your skin and if you can do something else instead, you'll probably be better for it.
Lady Grace
July 27, 2013

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It usually happens when I lay down at night to got to like after picking last night today I'm looking at raw red sores....when I allow time for it to scab I get so excited that maybe this will be the time that I stop and let them completely heal...I am a very spiritual woman and I continue to pray about it, but it gets overwhelming and I give in to pick....I literally get a sensation from it that brings a soothing feeling to me...UGH UGH just really glad I have somebody to talk to about it and they dont' think I'm sick or weird! So here in a minute I will be leaving the house and its time to mask my arms with make up and wear quarter length sleeves in the heat of summer :( Hope you alls day is off to a great start
Lady Grace
July 27, 2013
I never knew that it was a disorder either and was relieved to know that I'm not weird and that others experience skin picking. I have been picking my skin now for about 2 years. I tote major scarring on my arms and I am still struggling with trying to discipline myself. Its really tough during summer trying to conceal myself so no one will notice. UGH!

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