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Texan90 , 31 Jul 2013

Still healing or will it scar?

Hi all, I have recently started laser hair removal (LHR) again (previously underwent LHR 10 years ago). I have had 2 treatments so far spaced out at 5 week intervals. A week prior to my 2nd treatment, I noticed a small black spot on my jaw-line. This was not an ingrown hair. It was black pigmentation. I have brown skin and am of Indian descent. So this spot stood out on my face. I have a history of depression and OCD, and unsurprisingly I began obsessing about this spot. After a few days (so the 1 month mark after treatment #1), I began scratching this spot repeatedly. I dug into the skin and peeled off the area where the spot was... There was no blood initially and it seemed superficial; some pinprick bleeding later.. I know this was stupid though. Anyways, it has now been 8 weeks since that happened. I am left with what appears to be a scar. So I made it all worse. Here is the before: Here is the after: Most recent: Is this a scar? Or is the skin still healing? It looks better throughout the day and worse in the morning. Will the hyperpigmentation surrounding go away and return to normal? The texture is different. The skin color is paler/pinker than my brown skin. I'm in denial, while this seems obvious this a scar?

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