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nadine , 31 Jul 2013

loneliness is killing me

Even though it's holidays and summer, this past month has been awful for me, ever since i got out of school (i graduated this june) i have not left my house for over a month now, i used to go out and hang out with people but my picking problem has completely stopped me from having fun and living my life. i avoid everyone. the only person i ever even talk to is my mom and my brother but he is not here very often. there is literally no one else. no friends anymore and not even my mom lately.. i know all of this is due to my picking, i keep wishing this would just stop, there have been days where it's gotten so bad i decide to stay in my room all day and not even go out to eat, just stay inside and try to sleep all day. i do not want to live like this forever, not at all, i just got in a fight with my mom and haven't talked to her, i feel so alone and clueless of what to do :(
4 Answers
July 31, 2013
Hi there, I can feel your pain, as I was in a similar situation when I graduated. I got myself a standard job, shared home and a boyfriend. But then I still felt lost as most graduates do. I felt my job was shallow, my bedroom too dark and my bf caught up in his own spiral of depression. I began to pick like mad for the first time on my face and legs. What helped though, no matter what, I still looked for work. I cut off from seeing my friends though and saw my bf too much who eventually got fed up with me and my picking. A year later, my skin had improved and life did in a way get much better. What you can do at the moment, is to get yourself out for the whole day, you would feel so much better for it. One day, things will get better for you. Hold on to that feeling.
August 02, 2013
Hey! OK, so your story is VERY similar to mine. I find myself very lonely recently. I have been a graduate for about a year now and I no longer have any of the same friends. It sucks but when you get a job there is an opportunity for new friends. Also, me and my mom are not as close anymore and we argue quite often. I do feel lonely right now but im trying my hardest not to go down the depression hole. ive been there twice and it is the worse trying to get out. I know this would be frowned upon but pot helps sometimes. Let me know what you think of my posts and keep in touch, we are literally going through the same situation. Good Luck

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