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Iknewiwasntalone , 01 Aug 2013


So I've been picking and eating (wow that parts hard to admit) for as long as I can remember. I live in south Texas and Mosquitos are VICIOUS. It started with bites would swell so bad and I'd scratch them till they bled...then scan...then pick...then summer mosquito bite scabs would last until winter sometimes. I always have had scars all over my legs. As I got older I started getting bad psoriasis on my scalp and I realized that was easier to hide that...I have lumps from scars on my scalp and its completely compulsive....any scan I get lasts wayyyy longer than it should! I'm 26 years old and it's just as bad as it was when I was little. I keep the ones more easily hidden like on my thighs and scalp now but still it's just ridiculous. I recently saw a girl in Austin doing it to her scalp and I was like I KNEW it! And I saw a girl on The Tyra Show several years ago I finally decided to google and see if there was an actual name for it. Also if its common...apparently it's more common than I thought at least! I wish I didn't have to say "it's a long story" every time someone asks me "what happened to ur legs?!" But maybe someday....I definitely have dermatillomania.

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