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sunshinefunk , 05 Aug 2013

Kids tell the truth

While swimming with my family, my husband says, "You have a great body!" and it made me feel great. Then my oldest (6) says, "But not your face. You pick at it too much." Broke my heart, but it's true. What do your family members tell you?
1 Answer
August 05, 2013
My best friend once made me go a month without picking, and she went a month without picking knots out of her hair. I picked twice a week, but this really awful girl told her that her hair looked scruffy, so she pulled out most of her hair trying to take out knots...then I felt awful, and got my lips really disgusting and icky. At the nail salon, they sprayed on some sort of special liquid that entered the peeled skin around my thumbs. It made them bleed, but they didn't notice (I hope so...) After getting them done, my sister made fun of me when asking me if it hurt or not, and that it probably did since I'm always peeling off my skin (but she has a really bad problem where she can't close her mouth for over 3's funny at times, but she tries really hard to close them, and there's always a part of it that's hanging open...) During my violin lessons, I had on a bunch of bandages from picking calluses on my fingers, and that made it harder for me to play. My teacher kept asking me why I had injured all my fingers, and finally told him why, so he started to act weird around me. It made me feel horrible. But I'm making progress on my calluses! There's a huge one on my ring finger that I've had for 9 months so far.

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