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MissyAnn , 06 Aug 2013

Picking problem. I could use some advice on how to stop.

Ever since I had been a small child I have always picked at scabs, dried mucus, sores, and even at pimples. I started with picking my nose and biting my cuticles when I was a toddler and I still do it today. I grew up watching my mother pick her scabs and squeeze and drain the puss and blood, and I watched her do this all the time. I was already bad about eating my mucus and cuticles. But at ten years old I started picking at my arms, chest, legs, and back. And doing the same thing my mother had done. I still do it today. I find it addictive and I pray that I can stop. I have diabetes type 1 (brittle) as well. So if there is anyone out there who can help me break the cycle. Please let me know of some things I can do to help me stop or do it less.

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