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emme2012 , 07 Aug 2013

I bite the taste buds off my tounge does anyone else do this?

Hi, I'm 19 I've been a compulsive picker, popper, and eater for as long as I can remember. Even at 7 years old I would pick scabs and I've always ate my boogers. I just in the past couple years started eating my scabs, skin, and dragging my nails over my scalp and then eating what's underneath. My biggest concern though is that I used to be a nail biter, and when I gave that up I switched to tounge biting. I will grab a tastebuds between my teeth, or between my bottom tooth and a nail and pull it off. I'll just do it for hours until my tounge is bloody and almost deformed looking. It always heals and goes back to normal. But I'm worried I'm going to get out of control and bite to big of a chunk out. Part of the reason I do it is because I want my tounge to feel smooth, and also I like the pain. Sometimes I'll rinse with peroxide afterwards, for the burning sensation. Does anyone else do anything like this?

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