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chandrayee , 07 Aug 2013

How do i stop biting my fingernails and picking my cuticles?

I used to bite my nails for the longest time i could remember. and i didnt stop there, i picked & bit my cuticles as well. then one day i decided that i had enough of my ugly fingernails and stopped overnight. i just stopped. that was 4 years ago. but now, i have started at it again and i can't seem to stop. i don't recall having a lot of trouble quitting the first time but this time it's different and i just can't seem to stop!! please help!!
2 Answers
August 08, 2013
I do the exact same thing, all day long, without even thinking about it. But I've tried to stop countless times, and it's been impossible for me. So if you can quit overnight, you're pretty awesome. But if you're starting again, put a lot of lotions on your hands. They will be smoother that way, and there won't be as much to pick.
August 31, 2013
I pick my nails, finger pads, and cuticles. I am a chronic relapsed but when I want to try to get it a bit under control, I sleep with band aides on every finger covered with neosporin until my wounds heal. I do pick at work but I bandage up as soon as I get home. Once my fingers are smooth and healed, I remove the bandaides and put a layer of clear nail polish on my nails.. I use very think cream lotion to maintain smooth skin. The longest I've been able to hold it together and not pick my fingers is about three months. I've been picking since I was very little, I'm 31. Best of luck

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